Will your healthcare network or practice still exist five years from now?

It's no longer enough to meet basic reporting requirements for Medicare or commercial insurers to ensure your revenue stream. For your network or practice to survive and thrive in today's Value-Based Healthcare marketplace, your data needs to prove you provide cost-effective, quality care that improves patient outcomes—better than the competition.

But data is only half the equation.

Your medical team's ability to make a significant, demonstrable improvement in population health that meets or exceeds reporting criteria depends on a respectful, two-way partnership between physician and patient.

All the clinical data in the world won't have an impact unless your physicians understand and embrace population health as an essential tool for improving outcomes. And all the fancy charts and graphs won't matter unless your data is actionable and physicians see what interventions are working – at the patient level.

Let ICLOPS show you how.

Our industry experts tailor population health and other analytical tools to your environment and clinical focus, however complex your network configuration and current technology vendors. That's our specialty.

But we don't stop there. We'll consult with and educate your medical team about how best to use your data to improve patient outcomes. We'll help you to research and evaluate what's working and how to refine your process.

You'll collaborate with our team of industry thought-leaders, including seasoned medical professionals and health care experts who understand both the challenges of current health care practice and how clinical data can be used effectively to strengthen the physician-patient partnership.

Our proven technology solutions draw from our extensive experience as one of the first Registries that created the infrastructure for clinical integration and PQRS reporting based on aggregating data from disparate sources.

Don't leave your medical team with a stack of mind-numbing data reports and expect an improvement in patient outcomes. Find out how ICLOPS can help your network or practice survive and thrive in the Value-Based Health Care marketplace.

At ICLOPS, we believe in your ability to achieve the best patient health outcomes for the right cost. It's not just good business. It's the right thing to do.

Contact ICLOPS for a free half-hour consult: 888-4-ICLOPS.